Source code repository

SNPsyn's source code is hosted at

Binary download

SNPsyn is available for download in various forms.

SNPsyn AIR package: version 1.2b [2.2 MB]
This package includes the SNPsyn_AIR application (requires Adobe AIR). You also need to download the compiled binary files of SNPsyn_cmdl (SNPsyn command-line tool) for your operating system (Windows, Ubuntu or Mac OS X). See documentation for details on AIR installation and use.

SNPsyn command-line tool (SNPsyn_cmdl) source: version 1.2b [59 KB]
This is the main program of SNPsyn, which analyzes the GWAS data and generates result files used by the AIR application or the web application on the server. The application runs on SNPsyn's web server, but it can also be used on a local computer. It is written in C++ and can be compiled on Linux, Mac, Windows and other operating system supported by the GNU C++ compiler. To compile for GPU, you need to install the CUDA Toolkit. Building SNPsyn with enabled support for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor requires Intel® Composer XE 2013.

SNPsyn command-line tool (SNPsyn_cmdl) executables: version 1.2b [1.6 MB]
Binaries for Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac OS X are provided here. See documentation for man page.

SNPsyn web server image: [~5 GB]
We can provide a virtual machine image of our current server installation that you can relatively easy reconfigure to run on your local hardware. Please, contact the authors, if your are interested in obtaining an image of our current server installation. See also instructions on how to setup a local SNPsyn server.

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